Golden Gloves hoppfulle ”Hurricane” Danny Lugaro och video om Golden Gloves!

Golden Gloves 2013 är i full gång och jag har pratat med en kille från Harrisburg Boxing Club, Danny Lugaro, om hans resa, framtid och tankar inför 2013.

Har följt honom lite på avstånd och han verkar vara en kille som satsar 200 % på sin boxning, träning och kost. Han skulle ha debuterat som proffs redan 2012 men strul med managers gjorde att debuten inte kom. Så nu ska han ställa upp i Golden Gloves Pennsylvania innan debuten.

Notera skillnaderna mellan våra länder i tänk och erfarenhet när det ska satsas på en proffskarriär.

Frågestund med ”Hurricane” Danny Lugaro

1. At what age did you start boxing?

I Started fighting at the age of 15

2. How many fights have you had as a amateur?

My record was 12-1 as an amateur

3. What are your strengths as a boxer? What do you work extra on in the gym?

I was told I was a crafty fighter and I am often compared to a young Hector ”Macho” Camacho
I was also told I was the hardest puncher in the gym and that’s including 165lb fighters. I am a Jr. Welterweight at 141.
Basically my strengths are me being a slick power puncher with great footwork.

4. After the Golden Gloves you have said you will turn pro, what made you decide to take the next step and become a professional?

I spar pros at the gym all the time and feel that it is my time to step my level of competition up and the pros is where I feel me and my team need to go.

5. What are your expectations for that tournament?

I expect to win the tournament completely but one fight at a time is where my mind is. Win the locals then win the state championship but one fight at a time for me.

6. What are the goals, as a pro in 2013?

My goals as a pro in 2013 is to win my first fight, I need that under my belt right now before I can think beyond that.

7. What is your best competition memory?

My best competition memory will always be my first fight… I didn’t sleep that night at all then I fought the next day… The reason I had a blemish on my record

8. Who would you fight if you could get to pick any fighter of any era in your weight division?

I would fight current champions like Zab Judah, Pacquiao, Garcia, Juan Manuel Marquez, Danny Garcia. I would even fight Sugar Ray Leonard, Roberto Duran, anyone worth a challenge for me!

9. What is your favourite fight-day food?

Right now food is dangerous for me haha but I would have to say Pizza.

10. What will be your pro-colours?

My main colour will be Orange with black trim and maybe I’ll switch to blue trim at time but basically New York Knicks colours to make it short.

And now, some video 🙂 Enjoy Sportsfans!

Del 1.

Del 2.



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